Redeliverance [archive 23/06/2007]

I’ve been wondering what to write… not much has happened here apart form driving from one nice place to another nice place through lots of nice places.

We did manage to watch the young Hamilton take his second successive win at the USGP on Sunday… unfortunately not at Indy as I had previously planned but on the fox network, brought to you by Bobs Auto Recovery Co. We got a bit panicky (when I say We I mean Me, I, the Royal One and all that) as the tv situation here is either abysmal or admirable as you can only get two channels, which is good, but neither of them show the F1, which is bad, so we paid $95 to book into the Marina Motel in Lower Sackville at five to two on Sunday, watched the race then booked out again at ten past four, saying ‘I’m not sure if it’s the fumes from the bug spray, the sticky patch on the carpet or the cigarette burns in the nylon bed spread that’s making my pregnant girlfriend feel ill’. The poor girl on reception didn’t quite know what to say but obviously knew that it was sub-standard accommodation as she gave me all my money back and hoped that we had a good day.

At the moment I’m parked up in Murphy Cove with the Atlantic filling my windscreen listening to something large and wild crawl along our roof.

Well, you know how unseen horrors are always much bigger and scarier than they at first seem? On further investigation it turned out to be a chipmunk, quite a savage one as it happened, with large pointy teeth and a razor sharp tail.

And on the way to the laundry room (yeah, we’re really roughing it in the middle of nature here) I saw a bunny rabbit. It’s like the local pet store just opened all its cages and said ‘I didn’t want to be a pet store, I wanted to be a lumberjack…’

We did see another deer yesterday- it was up on its hind legs nibbling some tree. Still have yet to see a moose or a bear though, and I’m not coming back until I’ve seen one, and possibly had a fight with it.

Speaking of the local wildlife we actually met a couple of guys who had no idea what the internet was the other day! Laura was told that she might be able to get some of the world wide web at the electrical store in Grand Falls , and if they didn’t have it to head into Fredricton as they have everything there. Almost charming in a pre-evolution kind of way… We’ve found a great French radio station too- it plays funk, classical and Duelling Banjo’s quite a lot.

Right, I’m going to go and get some pastry and, well, the recipe says that chestnuts go well in chipmunk pie… not sure if it’s the right season for them but we’ll see what we can do.

Jamie, Laura and The Belly


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