Slowly, but slowly, I’m re-becoming Canadian [archive 09/07/2007]

It must be the climate or something but I was shocked… SHOCKED… to look at my feet yesterday and see that I was wearing socks AND sandals. It was an honest mistake- I mean, you know me, I’m normally a ‘what you see is what I’m wearing’ kinda guy, and socks rarely enter into the equation as they take twice as long to put on as pants and if I can’t be bothered with those…I had been out poking cabbage plants into the swamp just before the SS incident so was wearing a brand new pair of wellies (and the prerequisite enormous socks as padding) but kicked them off when I got into the hoverkitchen™ before remembering that I had to park the camper down the bottom of the drive, so unthinkingly, innocently, I stepped into my sandals and moseyed on down there. I was part way back up the drive (about an hours walk) when it occurred to me that something wasn’t right ‘down there’… I looked down and was aghast- what could I do?! I hurriedly pulled the socks up to my knees, rubbed some clay into my beard and tried to look like I’d lived here all my life. I just hope the Paparazzi had the day off or my social credit is seriously in the red…

It’s the electricians fault. If he hadn’t confused me with all his questions about whether I lived by the MacDoogals or the McIntyres, or if my neighbour had eleven children and a blue pickup then I wouldn’t have suggested parking the motorhome at the bottom of the drive and I wouldn’t have been papped in my socks n scandals… I mean I had given him my postcode, couldn’t he have put it in his SatNav? Ah, that was kind of answered when he called me back with his quote. It kind of explains a little more about The Fabric of The Island too. I’ve had two quotes for work so far- one came in at $550 for removing all the paint on the exterior of our two-storey, four bedroom farmhouse. The other was $5545 to run a single wire in so we could use our new cooker. And he’s fully booked for the next month. Painting his boat I should imagine. Or just sticking it in the yard next to his Lear jet and sauntering off to Monaco to buy a new one.

Other news on the house front is that we’ve dug a vegetable patch, built a compost heap and bought a book entitled ‘how to build a barn’. I can’t wait to get stuck into that one…

And I fully acknowledge that the two photo’s we stuck on the website were totally inadequate so we’ve stuck a couple more on. Of course we only bought the camera in Antigonish, which was 1360 miles through our 1400 mile trip so you’ve missed out on the wonders on Niagara, Montreal, Halifax and Quebec City but there’s plenty of The Cape, and if that’s not good enough for you you’ll just have to wait for the dvd… out whenever I find some more hard disc space to download and edit the 12 hours of Hi-Def video we’ve taken so far.

Oh, and we’ve got a phone number- it’s one of the new four digit ones apparently J As of next Wednesday I’ll be able to pick up my phone and dial 2695 to speak to my neighbour. Of course she’d have to stop telling Laura about all the bears and coyotes that live in our woods and how there just doesn’t seem to be any deer left (um… duh!), leave my kitchen and go answer her phone, but I could, if I wanted too. I thought it was a speed dial code but she just went cross eyed and started dribbling when I mentioned that. If any of you live in Kingsville then my new phone number is 3811.  You may get to speak to an operator… if you do we’re the new couple in Leo and Johnny’s old house. If she can’t get through ask her to try Anne Marie’s line, then ask Roddy to take the tractor out and see if we’re splashing about in the field again.

Hugs n kisses

Jamie & the gang


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