Someones just put a firework up my -expletive-!

Evan from the orchard, Llanharry, Wales

Oh my Goldy. We had a call from the estate agents yesterday asking if our purchasers could come round to measure up outside today at 11. We couldn’t say no so spent the evening tidying and this morning mowing and re-tidying as well as the usual breakfast/baking/weeding thing we’d normally take our time over.

Said Purchasees came over with their adorable 18-month old son and set about measuring and chatting over a coffee or two. They want to get in asap as they’re in the middle of Cardiff at the mo and want a bit of quiet life. He’s a carpenter primarily but builds extensions and conservatories, which is what they were measuring. Unlike most buyers they’re happy with the price we agreed and aren’t going to use the apocalyptic survey to beat us down , which is a pleasant surprise as we’d have had to have said no and started again – money’s that tight with this move!

Anyway, they’ve been told to expect COMPLETION in… 2-3… WEEKS TIME!!!

Oh my Giddy Aunt has just dropped her trousers and done a great big plopsy on the carpet.

We have so much to do. We have sooooo much stuff. We’re not taking it with us – even if we could afford the container we have two houses of stuff in Canada anyway. We have a lot to do and not enough time to do it. Plus I need to make it official at work and give in my notice- I’m sure everyone already knows, I mean, they’re clever people… that won’t stick up in court will it?

So, a boot fair tomorrow just to clear the junk we’ve had in the shed all summer then we start boxing things in [SELL] [STORE] [TAKE]. Two weeks. That’s not even enough time to get anything onto AdTrader!!


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