So it’s begun…

I still can’t believe the pace things are moving at – yesterday our purchasers told us they expect to complete by mid-September and started chalking up lines for wrecking crew to take half the house down and today we’ve got shot of a load of old tut and half of our furniture… wouldn’t have been such a shock if we weren’t still using it when the folks turned up to take it.

We hit the road at quarter past seven with the boys still in their PJs with mouthfuls of cheerios. Two wrong turns after local knowledge overruled the sat-nav and we hit the carboot at quarter to eight. When we were here two years ago there couldn’t have been more than fifty cars. Today we had to driver through three fields and a football pitch and ended up a stonesthrow from the Bristol channel. There were thousands of folk there, with an even split of buyers and sellers.

We cleared a lot of tat and the ’emigration sale’ list I scribbled on an A2 pad drew a lot of interest hence all the visitors today but the over-riding thing was the number of people that stopped to chat about us leaving. A lot of people seem to want to go but very few get the chance. Still more have relatives abroad or lived away when they were younger and talk of happy times had. We may be sitting on the floor for the next few weeks or eating our dinners round a patio table but it’s happening – we’re packing up and moving to Canada.

Mind you it is still too much to take in. Maybe if I say it again, ‘we’re packing up and moving to Canada’. Nope, no more real, or less frightening…


One response to “So it’s begun…

  1. Wow ! This is an exciting journey ! Good Luck, I shall follow with interest : ) ps – I just added you to my blogroll , Thankyou for adding me to yours : )

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