Just waitin’ ’round…

Two weeks – pffft!

We’ve been in touch with the solicitors on both sides over the last few days and found that one of them has kinda been dragging their feet, waiting for officious things like payment etc. Honestly, does no one work on trust any more? And I know you’ll find it hard to believe but it wasn’t our ones!!

Anyhoo, our dudies received some ‘enquiries’ today that they’ll deal with and should be able to zap off a contract to be ratified and signed etc, but it’s still looking likely to be a month away.

On the passport front I’m still waiting for my Canadian one, Evan & Charlie are still waiting for their ones but Lala has received her one, after just 3 days!!! And no, she didn’t pay to expedite it!!

The folks that agreed to buy half our furniture didn’t show up and aren’t answering their calls but I suppose that could be a good thing as we won’t be sitting on the floor for a month or so. I mean, it would have been nice to get shot of it all in one go but right now in particular, after four 12 hour plus days working away from home my buttski appreciates the familiar comfort. And no, I wasn’t working down the docks, just IT stuff at our new office in Reigate.

We’ve been debating whether to get Laura’s Canadian citizen sponsorship (yes, they make her dress as a beaver and sing the national anthem) here before we go or just wing it and do it in Canada once we arrive. The latter had been suggested (unofficially) so I was happy to roll with that but squario did some research and reckons we have a better chance of succeeding if we start it here then she enters the country under ‘dual intent’. Apparently it takes half the amount of time and you can re-enter the country at will once the process is under way whereas if you tried it after applying for it in Canada they might not let you in. Apparently.

I haven’t told work about it but have formulated an ‘open & honest’ plan where I will sit down with my boss when we’re both a little less wired and run through my plans, with the intention of hiring my replacement and training them before I go. For training read ‘offloading all of my PITA tickets’ on them.

So another few weeks at least before we exchange contracts, which is the ‘release point’ really that enables us to book flights, ship pallets, give notice and sell stuff. Another boon from the weekends work was that over the last four days I’ve racked up enough ‘time off in lieu’ (they don’t pay us OT) that I now have 3 weeks holiday stored up, meaning that effectively I only have to give one weeks notice when we do put our john hancocks on the contract…


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