So I told my boss today. We had a brief get together at her desk where she proceeded to tell me about all the projects that were being rushed through and how busy we were going to be over the next few months and although I felt bad about the timing I’d have felt worse had she made the plans with me involved just for me to back out mid-way through. Then she reminded me that technically my contract states that I need to give three months notice…

I assured her there must be some mistake then went and checked the contract and saw that it was true. I broke the solitude of the builds lab with a string of expletives and wondered why I thought I was the only one in the department not on a professional contract. I know it was on page 6 of 7 and it was pretty small print but it still stated clearly ‘1 months notice in the first three months then three months thereafter’. >Sigh< Oh well, everything’s negotiable and if I do my best to get a replacement who’s a little less grumpy then me then maybe they’ll be happy to usher me out of the door.

Other news we tried the cheese we made five weeks ago using jersey milk and it’s blinking loverly! It’s definitely a stinky cheese, sharp in flavour but not gooey – a bit like those ones you get in the round rattan ‘boxes’ at french farmers markets. I can’t wait to make some more, but will have to as *hopefully* we won’t have enough time to do any more in this country 🙂

We also bottled what should be our last batch of beer tonight – our one-year old Evan passed me the bottles to rinse, three-year old Charlie plunged them on the bottle washer then stuck them on the bottle tree, I filled them and Laura capped them – a proper family brewery! The picture above shows the boys dropping caps into the water to sterilise them. Looking at the amount of chocolate ice cream Charlie has on himself maybe we should have dipped him too…


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