Setbacks and rubbish sacks…

We had a ‘mis-delivery’ on Friday which co-incided with our solicitors realising we had requested text/email updates, meaning that we received 5 or 6 emails stating things like ‘contract sent to buyers, deeds received, spif returned’ which made me wonder if it might actually be the contract on the house sale. Unfortunately when I collected it on Saturday morning it was just my Canadian passport being returned as I hadn’t included my birth certificate or any referees. Silly me, has put that back by at least two weeks…

Still we press on regardless – after selling all my homebrew gear to my good friend Hugo I ventured up into the loft and removed a vanload of black bags full of various seasonal clothes. Every three months or so Laura goes through her wardrobe and stuffs anything that doesn’t fit, look right or go with the weather forecast into said black sacks and instructs me to turf them in the loft. By the time we get round to the point in the year that they mught be useful she has forgotten exactly what happened to those clothes, complains she has nothing to wear and initiates one of those buying frenzies that make us blokes weep, cringe, run to the hills with a gun and a crate of beer or, more likely, all three. What it means to me (apart from a lighter wallet) is that every three months I have to shotput one of those heavy black sacks over an increasingly demanding mountain of similar black sacks. Well after much procrastination today I hoiked myself up into the loft and yoiked them all back down. It was a shocking array – it literally filled our bedroom. It should keep her busy for a week or two anyhow.

Other news on our little haven in Llanharry was we took our entire pear harvest this weekend. Yes, that’s it in the photo. No, that is IT in the photo – one juicy amber conference made it through the summer. It was tasty though – we sliced it up thin and shared it for desert!


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