Too much homebrew?

NFTs placed every 3×3 tree in a grid with a pasture of Canada and Kentucky bluegrass plus clover and regular mowing by sheep and seasonal ploughing by pigs with their related fertilising will be 3x overkill by everything that I’ve read…

My goal is to spend time with you and the boys, applying what we’ve learnt in a ‘this is play’ way but adding in a lot more ‘play’.

I’d also like to get shot of the psoriasis that I’ve had since I was four.

I’d like to do as opposed to procrastinate however I’d like to go prepared however I have full confidence that we can do whatever we intend to do once we’ve gotten over the ‘OMG we’re in Kingsville’ culture shock, and I’d like to get over that before we’ve spent any beautiful reserves so on one hand ‘Fuquet’, on the other let’s wait a bit.

I’m confident enough in us, tag team Jensen, good cop bad cop no you’re the FBI etc, that we could go with a fistful of dollars and survive. Indeed however many denaros we go with we need to apply the same mentality.

After all who needs a cow when you can have five goats?

I feel I need to sum all of my thoughts up in one sentence, or picture, probably a whirlpool but maybe a misty field at dawn three and some years ago…

We all have these doubts and, well, the pressure is unrelenting. If some bearded bloke in robes and sandals came along with a placard I would be eternally grateful, as long as he wasn’t advertising a golf sale,  but I don’t think anyone’s going to make it that easy for me are they?


One response to “Too much homebrew?

  1. definitely too much homebrew! sentiment appreciated though my love. Lets go as soon as possible, fuq the snow, we dont like things easy anyway, gotta be a bit of stress and hardwork to make it worthwhile ay? Loving the photo x

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