Progress of a sort…

We got to the bottom of the second delay to the whole house selling malarkey – our fault this time as our solicitors had sent the enquiries, land records and contract to our yahoo mail address, which had been blocked or diverted into the spam folder. Once we received another virtual set of them we filled them out, signed them and sent them off. I’ve also had it confirmed that my Canadian passport is winging it’s way to Sydney, Cape Breton (ironically about 100 miles from our farm!) to be processed and returned so, confident I am that everything is progressing I gave my notice in at work.

On Wednesday evening I was going through a big box of photos sorting the ones of people into a little pile and the ones of racetracks, cars, transporters etc into a massive one… honestly I hadn’t noticed before but I think in my youth I may have been slightly autistic or at least compulsive when it comes to preferring cars over people, but one album in particular made me stop and think. It was a picture book we did of our firstborns first year and I realised that Evan is older than Charlie was in those photos but I don’t feel that I’ve had the same exposure with him as I did with C boy. It made my mind up that no, I’m not going to let the next six months go the same way so I went into work on Thursday and, after getting permission to leave early that afternoon (I have a stinking cold right now) I gave my notice in. My boss is really great and just said ‘yes, work’s good but family’s more important’.
So, the wheel has started to turn on finding my successor and I’m hoping that as soon as that is done I will be released from my contract and we can fly off to our new life in Canada.
Once the house and car are sold of course, if I get my passport back and after everything is packed up, shipped off, sold or scrapped through the notoriously unreliable freecycle network… All this in how many weeks?!


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