Charlies first photo and other news

It’s apt really, a foot, because where we take one step forward we take another back and, like the song says we end up exactly where we started…

My Canadian passport arrived last week so that’s great news. I also found the cheapest flights yet – just £554 for all four of us to fly direct from gatwick to Halifax YHZ with Air Transat… unfortunately the last flight until May is on October 28th. Yes, 23 days away. I spoke to my boss and although not happy she has said ‘if I have to go I have to go’. This was probably followed by lots of swearing out of earshot and a curse or two that may even have caused the dire illness I’ve been suffering with since then. Certainly I expect to pull the pin from the head of Jills voodoo doll when my brain is released from the vice and I manage to get back into the office…

Anyways, we chased the solictors again on Friday and the purchasors branch admitted to sitting on their hands waiting for payment… again. Our Purchasee called them up and gave them hell as this was meant to be sorted out a month ago… if we don’t fly in just over three weeks the price goes up by a staggering £1250. That’s six months living on the farm, five and a half calves or 25 piglets.  We need  to catch that flight! What’s more we need to ship our things in two weeks time so we’re pressing for a completion before the 21st.  That’s a shade over two weeks away… I’d best get our things on ebay.


3 responses to “Charlies first photo and other news

  1. Keeping everything crossed for you folks!

  2. Hey OJ…

    He takes pictures like me! But here is a picture of me!
    Love you guys,Zoo

  3. Hi There
    Claire’s just passed your blog on and it sounds like things are going well with your move, in a funny kind of way. Hope you are all really happy out there (when you get there) and nothing you can’t deal with on the way.

    all the best
    Sarah from SDU

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