10 days & counting…

So it’s come to this. Ten days ago we had a call from our estate agent to say that she expected we’d exchange on the Monday and would we be okay completing on the 22nd? ‘E-day’ as we had dubbed it was always to be the catalyst that started this bandwagon rolling… it was the day that I could definitively give my notice in, book the flights and the freight and slip us out of the limbo that we were in. So that’s just what we did. I had checked the flights on the Wednesday and they were still £554, however when booking them on Friday evening they had risen by £191 to £743 all in. Okay, a small setback but at least we were booked, the house sale was concreted and we were going to Canada! We also wasted no time in booking the cargo for the 21st and letting my boss know when my last day would be, dependant of course on recruiting and training my replacement.

Monday came and went, and thus started a long, agonising week of waiting. I checked on Tuesday and the contracts still hadnät been signed. Wednesday nothing, chased on Thursday, had no replies. Friday after work I swung by the estate agents and after a hugely stressful week was placated with a Ferraro Roche and news that the delay had been to the chap at the beginning of the chain having to have his contract amended and sent back to him, but that we were to all intents and purposes ready to go. By Friday evening the paperwork had been signed and was at the respective solicitors offices but they were waiting for the final nod that the mortgage money would be released  in time for the completion day one week later. This next Monday has come and gone and still no signee on the linee.  

Yes, I’m worried. Yes, it’s fraught. Yes, sitting in a now largely empty house with most of the furniture sold or given away and the rest of our things that we use the most packed neatly in 1.8 cubic metres now known as cardboard mountain is difficult. Yes, it is stressful.

Still, at least I now have just three more working days until Freedom or, to look at it another way, if everything goes Pete Tong  I have three more days before I’m unemployed with four useless plane tickets and all of our best stuff either sold or given away.

Oh, the cake? It’s fantastic isn’t it?! Laura’s friends from Charlies playgroup sprung a surprise party for her on Friday night. All the kids in playgroup made little Canadian flags to decorate the pub with. Lauras friends bought her flowers, signed a big card, bought her dinner and got her very, very drunk. They also baked this wonderful chocolate log cabin cake, complete with snow, icicles, marzipan us and, what I like most of all, a little marzipan axe FOR ME TO CHOP THE SOLICITORS INTO LITTLE PIECES IF THEY SCREW THIS UP!!!

So in essence we move out of our house tomorrow, ship our stuff on Thursday, complete onthe house sale this Friday, which is also my last day at work then we fly the Thursday after that… except we haven’t quite managed to exchange contracts yet. What key best represents hollow silence?


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