Complete – and with just four days to go!

Finally we’ve completed! I had Thursday off to ship a pallet of things off to Canada (basically our lives condensed into two cubic metres) and get rid of a few straggly bits like bandsaws, three piece suites etc. It was a long day all in all but we had moved the boys and a carload of essentials over to the outlaws – sorry, in-laws place the previous night. I had intended to drop the keys into the solicitors on my way home but we had forgotten about the tattered remnants of Charlies bed and a cast iron singer sewing machine ensemble that we had just been hoovering around for a while, so I had to head back one more time on Friday morning. It gave me a chance to say goodbye the chickens at any rate… I know, but I hatched them from eggs, despatched some of them to the pot (and one to the bbq!) and, well, they run across the yard to greet me , hop onto my back when I’m re-filling their water and are generally like the cute, obedient, egg-laying feathery children I never had.   

So Friday morning I left Llanharry for the last time, dropped the key into the solicitor then headed into work for my last day. It was nice, really. I wandered around shaking peoples hands and saying g’bye, did a few last things with my replacement then just missed evading my ‘leaving speech’, which the people gathered round probably wished I had. Lots of hugs and two cards with extra pages stapled inside and a hugely touching C$150 inside and -boot!- I was out the door and unemployed. Odd feeling really. Three years divested in a company that I liked and cared about and I was driving back down the M4 into the unknown, literally as at this point we hadn’t yet exchanged contracts so it could yet all fall apart.

It didn’t though – there was a rumour on Friday evening that we may have exchanged… the estate agent could only say she thought we should have by now but I checked my bank account on Monday morning and it wasn’t just healthy, it was doing star jumps and somersaults on a trampoline, grinning from ear to ear and yabbering on about running a marathon or two. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little but we’ve spent so long struggling, shuffling money from one account to another or cancelling this direct debit so that one can go through that I’m going to ignore the fact that 75% of it is already allocated to clearing debts X, Y and Z and the remainder is going to be worked so hard that one of us wil probably have to work off farm if we can’t get money coming in straight away.

Which brings me to the next bit – I’m in a bit of a hinterland here, just kind of waiting until Thursday comes. We’re spending a lot of time with the family, getting time in while we all have it together, but Thursday, F-day as we now call it, doesn’t seem to be getting any closer. I guess I still need to sell a few little things like the chicken incubator, a few guitar pedals, the car, but… it is dragging! (If you want to buy anything click on this link:

So that’s it then – we’re still not 100% sure how we’re going to get to the airport, or how many seats we’ll have on the plabe when we get there and we need to scale the clothes mountain down to one 60kg bag but hell, these are just details right?


3 responses to “Complete – and with just four days to go!

  1. Keep up the blog Jamie, it’s the only way I get to know what is going on within the family!

  2. maison solaire: my solar home extension.

    Good luck Jamie for your new life!

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