A day of frowns and smiles.

Jamie spent another day down the basement attempting to install the new pump and water tank as the old ones froze sometime in the last couple of years. He spent most of his birthday yesterday doing the same, trying to draw water up from the well. We think the issue is a big air bubble in the pipe bend, luckily our neighbour Alex is helping out and has been at Jamies side the wholetime. Pretty good for an 80yr old! They were down there 5hrs yesterday bent over the tank wiring, rewiring, plumbing…and…uh replumbing(?) actually I dont know exactly what they’ve been doing as I’m too scared to go down there, its dark, very dark and my legs start wobbling on the first creaky step. Images of people shouting at a TV screen ‘dont go down there…why would she go down there’ come to mind. Tomorrow they’ll probably move the pump to the ‘hole’ under the Big House and see if that works. It may be possible that the pipe between the two houses is split, which will mean excavation, eek. Anyway, onto the smiles…

There was a young stag in our garden this morning!!! I’ve lost count of the times we’ve taken the boys to Margam Park with my Dad to get up close to a deer and here was one on my lawn brazenly nibbling my weeds! My Dad will be spitting chips.  Alex said the neighbour on the hill saw the stag a couple of days ago crossing his track and so it will probably not last very long as its hunting season, aarhhh. Alex also saw a brown bear and 2 cubs crossing the bottom of our road 2 weeks ago, exciting! Bears will stay clear of us its the coyotes we have to be careful of, ‘not to be trusted’ apparently.

It snowed!!! I’d walked the boys to Alex house to use their facilities and have a cup of tea with Becky and looked out their window to see fat flakes of snow slowly floating down, these quickly turned to drifts, and then (booo) to rain. It has been mighty cold today, 0¤ when we left the motel this morning. Bring it on. The little wooden house is warmer than the concrete icebox we used to live in, even with windows that are too rotten to close.

We’ve had good food today, yesterday we had McDs breakfast and A&W dinner, today we had roast beef lunch at Alex & Beckys and then dinner at the motel restaurant. We werent expecting much really, small diner with plastic tables etc but it was great! We had seafood chowder gratin, with scallops, bacon, mozzarella and croutons, and special of the day breadcrumbed scallops, haddock and prawns, followed by peanut butter brownie. Best chowder and best service we’ve had in a longtime. Oh yeah and there were 4 mounties eating there much to mine and Charlies delight!!

In an unusual moment of bravery I agreed to drive the Ford Edge home from our neighbours, yes it is only 500m but you havent seen the beast in real life. To my chagrin I could not reach the darn pedals, even with seat fully forward, I had to perch right on the edge of the seat and use the steering wheel as a lever to see over the bonnet, guess I wont be driving that to town then. If you know Jamie you can imagine the mirth.


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