Catching up from the Econolodge carpark…

As the sign says, ‘Welcome to Kingsville’.
We moved in three days ago when after four days of struggling we managed to fix the well. It was only then however that we discovered that the toilet was broken. Despite a patch up job with P20 (plastic cement) Charlie still refuses to use it so it doesn’t make dirty rain downstairs. He’s a sensible little chap all told as it’s not entirely fixed but an old blanket from the big house catches the trickle that comes out until I manage to swap the toilet over from the aformementioned big house. Yes, then it won’t have heating, water or a toilet but we do plan to put a compost toilet in before our first wwoofers arrive in the summer. Until then it’s little more than a barn with windows I guess.
Which is why I’ve put our chickens in it. No, didn’t take us long at all, did it? We stopped into Antigonish today to buy some little things like a bed, washing machine (Ha, I know!), sofa etc and went to the Made In Nova Scotia store where we met a super helpful girl who really was The Font Of All Knowledge. Not only did she tell us where we can buy point of lay hens, how to avoid paying too much tax, who can make us a kayak and who we can sell our goats milk to but she will also stock our stuff in her shop, as long as it doesn’t duplicate anything she’s already selling.
We also bought a washing machine and a springbox for our bed from an ex-racer called Bob. While I forked over the cash he regaled us with the story of how he was banned from two racetracks but still won the Atlantic Championship – the former by being very good hence spoiling the show and the latter by being very angry. It’s nice – everyone has a story round here and the time to tell it.
Apart from the brown rain the only negative we’ve notched up of late has been Seaside Broadband, who promised to come round on Wednesday but never did. It’s pretty common round here according to the girl in the IT shop (yes, didn’t take me long to find that either) who has been bumped down the list three times now.
Our amazing neighbour Alec has found us a car to buy, supplied us with the bits to fix our toilet (I’ve lost ‘count of the number of times he’s said ‘Hang on, I think I have one of those in my garage’ then wandered up the lane with the gear) and also put us in touch with the local propane guy, who came round within an hour of calling, lit our boiler for us then told us why he can’t sell us propane and what we need to do to get out of our current contract and enable him to sell it to us.
Regarding our mouse problem in the little house we’ve cleared, cleaned, disinfected and bought ourselves a six-shot humane mousetrap… no, not a pistol but a spring loaded metal box that instead of snapping down and breaking the little guys back it swooshes them up into a cage compartment where I can pull them out and stamp on them. Danged Varmints.
The boys are doing good- the state of some of the roads have brought out a few more games that Charlie and I can play and he loves driving down to the lake or the sea. He is missing ‘real playtime’ with real little friends so the sooner we can get hm into a playgroup the better. Evan is in seventh heaven as he has developed a passion for trucks, especially big ones, which they have a lot of here. He was jumping up and down with excitement when we showed him the chickens and is brumming his cars across the floor at four-year-old levels. His speaking is coming along too – he says tata for thank you, the usual mama, dada, nana, woof woof for doggy, nearly has ‘birdies’ although he gets a g or a j in there somehow and does a pretty good wac eac eac when he sees a duck, or when someone mentions a duck, or anything that starts with duh or rhymes with uck.
Laura’s doing well too, lots of great ideas and investigating things – I really think she’ll be driving the business and I’ll just be there to do the heavy lifting or get stuff off of the high shelves for her. What’s most amusing is that we’ve only been here a week and she’s already developed the local patina. I mentioned this to her and she said ‘yes, y’all seem to understan me better if I speak like this’.
Well, I’m off to eat some dill pickle crisps and read one of the back issues of Small Farm Canada that we bought today. No, life is not the same without beer, but as we’ve found a homebrew shop in Port Hawkesbury hopefully that little issue will be sorted out soon.


2 responses to “Catching up from the Econolodge carpark…

  1. nice to hear u have good neighbours-better than that lot in llanharry-i think the chickens miss u +we miss jamie coming home from work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This really gave me a smile Jamie – keep it up!!!

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