Early morning coffee on the farm


Six O’clock in the morning and I’m on my farm in Canada. No, get that image of checked shirt and dungarees out of your head as I’m not doing any farmery stuff yet, just sitting in my PJs drinking coffee, listening to the wind gusting to 75mph around our 120 year old farm house. You’d think it would be cold for the first week of November but as it’s a southerley wind, the tail of some hurricane that has pushed the gulf stream that little bit higher, it’s actually quite balmy – I don’t think our furnace kicked in once last night so it must be over 12 degreees celsius here.
I have a new coffee machine too. Well, not exactly a machine – it’s an old style french percolater that recirculates the coffee up a tube and through the grinds. Being my third brew with it I don’t yet know how to get the best from it as each cup is quite bitter. I don’t mind that much though as it’s good n strong and seems to get mellower the further down the cup you go.
So I swapped toilets yesterday, turned the water back on then watched as it all came flowing back out of the cracked cistern. At least it was ‘clean’ water this time. This facilitated a trip back into Port Hawkesbury where C-boy lost his car in Canadian Tire, initiating an all staff store wide search only for me to spot it’s little bonnet poking out of the Reeces Peanut Butter Cupcake display by the checkouts. The best thing was we didn’t even buy a cistern from them – we headed down to Central (a big orange diy shop) and found a whole toilet, wax seal and all, for just $20 more than the cistern that may or may not have fitted our old porcelain can. Anyhow, I put it in and christened it so we’re back in the land of the all mod con. Now I guess we’ll see if there’s any friendly bacteria still alive after three years of starvation in the septic system. Oh, the dude at Central recognised us from last time we were here, but only because his grandparents were fom Essex. I gave him our condolences and the number of a therapist…
It’s Charlies birthday on Monday. We’re going to make him a Lightning McQueen cake, with real toys burning about an icing dirt track. We were going to get him a bike but it would just sit in the house for six months waiting for the snow to pass then wouldn’t be anything special to him come spring. It’s odd that we seem to have gone in heavily for a disney character at the very first opportunity. Neither of us thought we would as it’s just a hook that gets in the kids lip and drags them down the addicted to consumerism road, but he does love Lightnng McQueen, I quite like Mater and that Porsche has one cute boot.
We have twitter – you can sign up to our twitter feed. I don’t know if anyone has as I don’t know how to work it. I missed the twitter bandwagon and am not sure if I can be bothered to figure the whole thing out. Surprising for an ex-IT professional I know but I spent my twenties being rinsed through the whole latest greatest web tech and am now happy poking seeds in the ground and collecting eggs. Not that I’ve done either yet but you get my drift. If you want to be notified (somehow) each time we post something up you can either follow our tweets or stick your email address into the ‘subscribe to this blog’ thing right down at the bottom of the main page. That much I know is easy.


One response to “Early morning coffee on the farm

  1. Happy Birthday Charlie! Lots of hugs & kisses from your Morgan brethren.. Should get your pressie soon… Hope it suits! Hope your car cake was yummy…. Be good… Love you xoxoxox

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