Mousetrap – it’s not just a hokey game

So yesterday I took our Canadian Tire Dollars and bought myself an extra big can of expanding foam. Before the boys went to bed I scouted round every room in the house filling in gaps that a mouse could fit through – you’d be surprised how many there are in a 120? year old house – and emptied much of the can into four confirmed holes in order to try to block their runs.
Mousal activity was low last night, with a little scurrying in the early evening then nada for the rest of the night, although after three nights with scant sleep they probably mistook my snoring for a bear and decided not to risk any eroneous journeys.
Tonight however, with Evan just dropped off on my lap we all heard a bit of a racket in the kitchen… the swish of sprung metal followed by some panicked scrabbling then silence. Charlie listened as intently as Laura and I before dismissing it saying ‘it’s just the clock going tock tick tock…’. Laura picked the trap up – it’s a perforated metal box about four inches high, eight wide and long. She rattled it and confirmed in code that the nibbler was in the pokemon bucket, or words to that effect.
Once Charlie was in bed I rushed back down to see what $22 of mousetrap garnered. Cute little devil but not much meat on him and we’ll need a lot of them to line a glove.
The irony is that we picked up a couple of numbers for cats/kittens today. I’m wondering if the cost of feed, kitty litter etc is worth it or if we should just rely on el trappo here.
The other question of course is what to do with it. I was joking when I promised it the size 9 treatment, but do we take it out now, drive it into the woods and dump it or leave it in there all night then bundle it into the car with any of its buddies that try a Private Ryan mission and drop them off in the next town over.
Saying that reminds me of a funny story. My dad owned a garage in the middle east that I used to work in during weekends, holidays etc. One day a teacher came in explaining that she suspected Grade 2’s hamster may have escaped into her car and could we check for it? The main mechanic and I took just about every panel off from inside that car that we could find but there was no sign of Hammy. A week later she came back and said there was burning smell in the AC. Our mechanic turned it on, put his nose towards the vent, heard a grinding noise and was enveloped in smoke. Thirty minutes later he emerged from a pile of plastic fans and ducting holding a small charred thing at arms length, aptly with a pair of bbq tongs which were the only thing we could find to fish Hammy’s creamted remains out of the depths of the Vovlo’s climate control system…
Maybe I will just stamp on the bugger…


One response to “Mousetrap – it’s not just a hokey game

  1. Better. get a kitten AND a puppy that will grow into a large dog.. call them late bday pressies for Charlie if you must but you know they are a must.. no farm could possibly be complete without them.. and it will take charlie’s mind off not having 2 legged littles to play with… 4 legged ones can be so much better! Plus it will entertain you all winter.. and get it done now BEFORE the new floors go down.. the pros are endless.. the cons negligible!

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