Observations from our first two weeks

Jet lag in a two-year old is only trumped by jet lag in a one-year old, and if you have jet lag yourself you’re not in for a fun week.

If you trap a mouse, drive it to the next village and release it, make sure you don’t let it go in a car park where the only cover for perspectively miles around is your car, otherwise you’re just substituting your SUV for your size 9 boot.

Tackling an abandoned farmhouse with just a mop and a handheld dustvac is ridiculously optimistic.

If you hoover up a fly it will make a disproportionate amount of noise trying to get out of a plastic garbage sack.

It’s quicker and emotionally far cheaper to drill a new well than it is to dig down to try to find your old one.

The time invested in and the knowledge base you’ve built up on all the little things – what cash machines you can use, how to buy a mobile phone, the metric system, how to use a petrol station – is all totally wasted when you move to a new continent.

Toilets are heavy, and no matter how long since they were last used will still be full of stinky stuff.


2 responses to “Observations from our first two weeks

  1. I so want to move to Canada ! In fact, it has been on my mind for weeks now. I fancy Vancouver. I’m not even sure why!!

  2. Hello again, I liked your crumpling jackolanterns even if His Nibs was a bit put out 🙂
    Canada’s chock full of beautiful places and we’ve had a great welcome from so many people here. Vancouver’s stunningly spectacular but pricey – houseprices are more like Brighton than Barry! Cape Breton doesn’t have the Rockies or the Pacific but it does have a fascinating history, and the raw Atlantic Ocean has moulded and hewn stunning sights like the Bras d’Or and the Cabot Trail. What’s more farmland isn’t expensive here and there’s still remnants of the old agricultural infrastructure to support us. We’re exploring farmers markets this weekend and are hoping to hook up with some neighbours to start a box scheme in the spring… IF we make it through the winter that is!

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