A momentous occassion

No, we haven’t had any births or impregnations on the farm yet. The momentous occassion is this;

It was Charlies third birthday a week ago. His Nan posted over a little Disney Cars toy pack of little toy cars. They were instantly scattered everywhere. Both boys love them, which is a problem for Charlie who is refusing to kick his terrible twos into touch and only with much wailing and gnashing of teeth will he relinguish one, no more than one though, to his little brother Evan.

Charlie seems happy to leave them wherever they fall but each night as he snoozes on his pillow I have a hunt that makes McCarthy look like he was chasing tricker treaters. At most I normally manage to find ten of the twelve characters. I fool myself that he has the missing two clenched in each fist upstairs, until I step or kneel on one, but today I suddenly felt something in the air… almost a static charge, or a smell just beyond my orafactal range. I started gathering the figures together, counting and recounting each time I found one until -shock of shocks- I had them all.

And here they are. A momentous occassion indeed.

An hour after i took the photo however there was only Sarge, lying on his side, muttering something about the government, a drugs experiment, and how there was no enemy, how they did it to themselves…


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