Meet Eldis – uh huh huh

People, meet Eldis. He is my woodstove, and tonight I have baked my first loaves of bread in Canada, in Eldis. They say having a woodstove is like having another child in the family – it will only do what you want once you’ve learned how to manipulate it. Today was the second time I’ve fired it up and this was no tentative expedition – this was  a fully fledged firing to cook us some bread and some stew.

Eldis is like an automatic car – it has just two controls and you steer it by adding different types of wood, but it takes you places. I haven’t figured out what the stopping distances are yet, in the dry or the wet. In fact I expect it will still be going when I wake up tomorrow, which is why I’m cooking some porridge on it tonight.

People, meet Eldis. Never was there a better excuse for a man to pick up and axe and a chainsaw and head off into the woods…


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