‘Look Evan, we’re in Ice Age One…’


‘…without the dinosaurs!’

A healthy amount of snow fell last night but my plans to get up at the crack of dawn were thwarted by Teething Boy, who would suddenly shriek and cry just as I was drifting off. A dummy check and a comforting hand on his back would have him back asleep but my only comfort was half a thin blanket and a pillow that pushed my neck up at right-angles. Better than Laura’s though – she has a few sheets stuffed into a pillow case. I can’t wait for our shipment to arrive.

No tracks to be seen when I ventured forth to release the chickens either – the wind whips across the fields and even my hefty size 9’s were obscured after five minutes or so.

The hens stuck their head out of the coop and looked bemused.

Halfpenny bolted when I re-filled their waterer then stood stock still with the snow up to his feathery bits. After a few minutes he did try to move but it was a pitiful attempt.

Anyways, coffee and toast – it’s lunchtime for you but only breakfast for us.


One response to “‘Look Evan, we’re in Ice Age One…’

  1. What a gorgeous sight – snow! I know that you probably get a lot more of it overe there but apparently we are getting some of that cold fluffy stuff here too towards the end of this week – better get the sledge out..woohoo!
    We are dealing with teething here too at the moment. You have my sympathies and I wish you both Sleep : )

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