Boy 1 and an adventure into the woods…

Charlie chose the Christmas tree, I cut it down, then carried both tree and boy back up the weedture to the house.

This is the first time in twenty years that I’ve allowed Christmas preps to start before December 21st. Either I’m getting soft in my middle age or I was frustrated by fate and wanted to do something hacky with a hatchet. I know you’ll all plump for the latter but truth be told I wanted to spend some quality time with Charlie. Guess I should have included that in the options. Also it kept him out of splashing in puddles, gave the wife some time to herself and let me wreak a small revenge on life by chopping something to bits with an axe.

So what else has been happening? I’ve finally sorted a car out, but I’ll save that beautiful prose for a separate blog. That meant that I could take the rental beast back. Enterprise kindly charged a massive lump of the payment to my old works credit card last week without asking me if they could or not, so that’s another headache I have to sort out. The rest of it I put on Laura’s card, meaning that we now have debts again but we still have cash to invest in things like pigs, goats, chickens and methods of containing the aforementioned.

Our business is being planned with two income streams – I’ll be converting the living room of the big house into a shop and we’ll be doing 2 farmers markets a week. We would do more but the four ones within an hour and a halfs drive of us clash so we’ll probably alternate between them. We’ll also be able to sell postable things over t’internet too but that’s more of a bonus than anything else.

It does mean that we’ll need to spend some of our cash on mobile cooling devices, display stuff and maybe a propane hotplate or something, depending on finalisationings. Trouble is in the UK you could pick used equipment up quite cheaply but people here don’t believe that depreciation is something that happens to them, which is why we ended up buying a car that we’ll be lucky if it sees the year out let alone the winter. More on that later…


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