Best laid plans…


Our little white house in centre

When emigrating and moving into a house that’s not been lived in for 3 years you should expect the unexpected and a certain amount of setbacks. We’ve had our fair share of those over the last 6 weeks, from no running water for the first week to a requirement for myself and Jamie to sit written and practical driving tests, despite J having driven for 12 years! This week the theme continues. Jamie is, as I type, driving down to Dartmouth, 3.5hrs away, to pick up our shipment of belongings. A bit of background…before we left Wales we arranged for our personal things to be shipped to Canada. We had a reasonable quote for door to door service, and we thought (naively in hindsight) ‘wow, that was easy and a good price’. The men came and picked up our boxes one week before we left, and we expected them to arrive at our farm a week after we arrived. Just after collection the shipping company charged us £300 more than their quote – ‘hold on’ we said ‘we’ll find a cheaper company’, ‘too late’ they said ‘cargo has been shipped’. Bumma we thought. Little did we know this was not true, the shipment left Bristol 2 weeks later! 2 weeks after that we had an email from a company in Montreal saying they had our shipment and once we’d paid them $300 they would send it down to Dartmouth. Its very hard to argue with a someone holding your worldly goods. We paid. Couple of weeks later we get an email saying our shipment is in Dartmouth ready for collection, or for $300 they can deliver it…How about collecting it in your ‘new’ minivan you might be thinking? well, yes our small crate of stuff would fit in the back of the van, but it has a slow puncture, the new winter tires we bought are the wrong size, and the exhaust fell off 2 days after we bought it…it has a safety cert for another year!? So Jamie left early this morning in an Enterprise van, luck must have been on our side (for a change) when we ordered it as the guy charged us only $60/day with limitless mileage, he was in a good mood apparently. So I’m hoping my lovely husband is OK and not too tired, bored or hungry, and hope he gets home safe and sound soon.

Tomorrow morning, the boys will wake up and have ALL their toys!! It will be like an early christmas for them.

The unexpected always seems to result in expense, so we have nearly spent the money we came with, which was supposed to get us through the winter at least. So Jamie has lined up a job, only for a couple of weeks, at a local egg and dairy farm. This will be brilliant experience for him and he’s looking forward to it! Also a biomass facility is being installed at the local papermill so hopefully an IT job, or similar, will come up there. fingers crossed.

Apart from the unexpected, everything else is hunky dory. I’ve joined the local Volunteer Fire Dept Ladies Auxiliary! We had a meeting last night to arrange the Christmas Tree Lighting and Santa Visit, and New Years Dance. Lovely bunch of ladies I’m looking forward to getting to know. The boys are enjoying their playgroup and have made new girlfriends. And Jamie is in his element with his chainsaw and axe!


One response to “Best laid plans…

  1. Tim Hortons makes every 13 hour journey a joy 🙂

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