Learning not to do everything at once…

I think that’s the key to stuff. It is hard though. Baking for example – I get everything going one after the other, doing all the prep work on the shorter items while I’m waiting for the longer items to prove. It means that everything is ready at once and things are queuing to get in the oven. I came to the conclusion that I need a bigger oven but really I just need to think about things and pace myself… never one of my strong points. I used to run the 1500m and one year made it through to the provincial run-offs. I still question the age of my competitors and realised before the off as I was elbowed to the back line that I’d have to do something special to win it. At the gun I set off at sprinting pace andwas healthily clear of the pack by the first turn. By the end of the lap I was an equal distance behind and at the bell the pack was half a lap ahead leaving me to race against the only other 9-year old who was not sporting a ‘might get served’ moustache. I remember wishing for rocket power and hoping my dad, who had taken the morning off work, had gone for a pee and couldn’t see me losing big time. So yes, pacing myself and knowing my limits have always been a problem for me.

Baking’s going well though. It might just be a Christmas rush or the novelty of the newbies but we’ve had an uber-busy week… if we continue with these sales I won’t need to don a suit and stick screwdrivers in laptops. We’re launching a website to help with ordering and show folks what’s available and I’ve booked some radio time on CBC to promote the booksale next week. Which brings me to a funny I heard last week – because I cook, have ridiculous hair and speak with a silly english accent some people have suspected that I might be Jamie Oliver in disguise… pukka. 

I was driving home last night after delivering a loaf of bread that wasn’t quite out of the oven when the customer arrived to collect it – I looked out the window across the snowy fields painted a silvery blue by a bright, full moon and I thought ‘God I love this country’. Then I thought some more and realised that every place will have it’s beautiful and it’s ugly moments – it’s the people that make it special. They say Cape Breton is famous for it’s welcome but I’m still coming to terms with the welcome that we’ve had. Everyone is friendly and everyone wants to help. The boys have made some great friends,Laura’s social calendar is chokka and we’ve been inundated with gifts- you know, flowers, hampers, meat, toys and truckloads of  wood- apart from the social engagements we don’t have to leave the farm for months! We are dreading the day this honeymoon period comes to a shuddering halt but for quite possibly the first time in my life I feel at home. To paraphrase a friend once you’re in Cape Breton you’re from Cape Breton, and that gives me a peaceful, settled feeling that makes nothing seem impossible.


3 responses to “Learning not to do everything at once…

  1. Hi Jamie, I’m really glad to read that you’re getting the welcome Cape Breton is known and loved for. I’m also glad you feel so at home. Remember, it was Britain that colonized this place in the beginning, so I’m not at all surprised that you feel at home here. I sincerely hope you and your family continue to feel welcome, and know that around here, people look out for each other and their neighbors, so don’t be surprised if the welcome never really wears off 🙂

  2. Fab that you have joined A River of Stones too – shall look forward to reading your ‘stones’ . And I’d love to have a chat with you about the trials and tribulations of emigrating to Canada – if you can dm me at my twitter account : inawelshgarden then I can dm you my e mail addy by return. Having said that … don’t worry if you’re too busy, ok? : )

    • I’ve spent the day mulling it over and have no idea how to DM anything. I’ve had a look but am toeing the luddite line. My address is kingsvillefarm at yahoo dot ca if you’d like to email me on that! J

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