the not so good life…

a quick blog…I was going to Facebook this but its too big for a status update so in FB style…

Laura Jensen is thawing out after being outside in minus 10 filling saucepans and casseroles with snow to melt on the woodstove in order to fill the toilet cistern, fingers crossed the very full toilet will flush and not overflow.

We have no running water and our propane level is reading zero. Family, dont be alarmed, we are warm and have plenty of bottled drinking water, we also have plenty of dishes to wash and plenty of poo to flush…

We have no running water because the little lost hen somehow got into the Big House basement (a hole in the ground under the kitchen) and pulled the insulation cover off the water pump which subsequently froze.

(OOOooo Jamie just flushed…..sounds successful…..yes, he has confirmed success but not without some unmentionable pre-flush chopping)

Talking of chopping…our woodstove is being very temperamental. We’ve been baking all our bread in the woodstove (mmm crusty) and using it to cook our meals, mostly chowders and stews, but over the last few days the oven temperature has been inexplicably dropping about 120F once it reaches 450F, we cant work out why? It doesnt help that the wood we’ve been very kindly given is too long for our firebox. Our stove is 1950s and the firebox is slightly smaller, only a cm or so, than modern woodburners. So Jamie spends an hour each day splitting the wood then sorting it into a pile that needs to be shortened or one that he thinks will just fit, although not usually without some ‘bash the log into the firebox with another log’ persuasion and associated expletives.


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