The Big Daddy

The wind is picking up and pawing at our house like a playful bear cub as the fated storm approaches. We’ve been listening to it’s progress on CBC as it rolls relentlessly north across Nova Scotia, emptying Halifax by mid-afternoon, reducing motorways to single lanes at best and  knocking out power town by town, city by city.

I’ve spent the day preparing- sealing the chicken coop from draughts, lagging pipes, insulating the waterpump. Alex came up with his chainsaw and chunked the 8′ lengths of hardwood Harvey dropped up to us and I piled it next to the orderly stacks I spent all yesterday creating. I’ve also battened down any loose boards and put my tools in order, easily reachable just inside the basement door.

Tonight anything that can be charged will be charged and we’ll fill every possible container with water. Finally I have two days worth of wood and dry kindling by the kitchen stove and there’s enough fuel in the minivan to get us to hospital if necessary.

The house will creak and moan like a ship adrift in a tumultuos sea. Laura will make me get up to check that everything’s alright then we’ll both lie there unable to sleep until the boys force us from our protective pile of coarse winter blankets into the cold reality of another day. The internet will still be out when the power comes back on so we’ll be incommunicado for a day or so. Our thoughts go out to those that have to do this on their own or who are without heating tonight. In the states they’re calling this storm ‘The Big Daddy’ and it’s heading our way.


2 responses to “The Big Daddy

  1. Guess what? The wind died down about ten pm last night and we were treated to a snow display, lots of it, which floated down in one direction, then the next, and was occassionally stopped in it’s tracks and sent whorling upwards but mainly just fell in big silent gloriness. We still didn’t sleep though, too much tea or something I guess!
    Our neighbour explained it by sayng ‘If they tell you it’s a big storm it’ll be a little one, if they say not to worry it’ll be small brace yourself as it’ll be a big one!’

  2. The four of you seem to have settled in well. I hope the snow won’t be too bad, but I Know that Canadian winters can be relentlessly cold. I still have Jamie’s Larger bottles on the shelf in the kitchen. He should start a brewery. I had to kill on of my chickens the other day so I’m down to one Original rescue chicken and three new comers. You up and left and I didn’t get to say good bye. But I’m glad you seem to be enjoying yourselves, and the boys are well. Keep Warm 🙂 I’ll Pop in again . Love from Wales. R & Z ( 2 doors up ) 🙂

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