Fireman Jam

Things continue to move apace on the farm… and off it too. I’ve joined the local volunteer fire department. Yup, have the fireproof slacks with nifty cockney braces, fancy yellow jacket and even a big shiny helmet. All the gear and no idea as Neil would say. Literally. Please don’t burn your house down yet as I’ve only been to two training sessions and one call, which I spent in the fire hall learning what happens when there’s a fire call. From the point of the fire hall, not much. In fact it’s pretty empty. Again, literally. For a couple of hours anyway, until the trucks come back and the folks pile out of it and say ‘Oh, next time follow the trucks or head straight there in your car and gear up at the scene’. Which is fine, except I’ll be chasing the firetrucks through the night on unfamiliar roads in my thirteen year old $100 Hyundai Accent… I should imagine they’ll be able to scrape me from the ditch on their way back.

They’re a decent lot at the firehall, some of them encyclopedic with their knowledge – I learnt a lot just inventorying one of the trucks, the pumper if you must know. Mainly that there’s lots and lots to learn,which is one reason I’m doing some extracurricular and going to a training session at our neighbours hall in Whycocomagh this weekend, as well as putting my name up for, well, everything. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot of responsibility to do so.


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