What’s stinky and grunts a lot?

No, not Laura’s bottom… well, yes, but um, something else – we have pigs! Two sows, about 8 weeks old, arrived today courtesy of our friend Norman. They’re yet to be named, we were thinking Shanklin and Powell but they’re girls so… Pinky and Perky? Wiggy and Zilla? I don’t know, suggestions in a comment below this blog please!

Oh, by the way, pigs aren’t the easiest of things to pick up, and squeal like you’ve caught their knackers in a drawer the moment you grab them, even if they’re girl pigs like these and so couldn’t possibly conceive the horror and pain that such an event would convey. As soon as you put them down they’re fine, snorting and grunting like neanderthal cokefiends.

They’re heavy too. I managed to get my hands round one sows ankles and hoist her in the air but struggled with the jump from the trailer to the snowbank as Norman explained to Laura ‘I took the first one to show him how easy it is. I made sureI took the small one though…’


6 responses to “What’s stinky and grunts a lot?

  1. Arlene Mac|Donald

    lol lool Laura will get you back for that comment ,,lol the boys must be excited to see a lil piggy around, good luck

  2. Hey! Congrats on the pigs.
    Once they get to a hundred pounds or so try catching one and lifting it. They seem to get exponentially stronger with size. đŸ™‚

  3. Mona & Lisa….Maggie & Pearl….Pearl & Silk….Faith & Hope….Pig & Pen

    Are you raising them for meat or as breeders?

    • Meat , meat, and more meat!
      We’ll learn off these two and look to get somemore later in spring, maybe some tamworths or berkshires that we can can breed with. All pasture raised of course, and improving our pasture as they go.
      The farm’s filling up! Sheep and a couple of cows next and I reckon that’ll be our lot. And a dog, of course. No hamsters.

  4. Awesome..but cows and no goats?
    Should look out for a donkey.. seriously.. they are big time territorial and very protective of “their” herd… whatever that may be… they will take on all comers…
    Glad to hear you guys are getting things going well.
    Hugs to my nephews. Lx

  5. Tasty and Tastier obviously.

    Love and hugs to all XXX

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