IT Technicians Feet

All of this wet weather and the subsequent return of the farm to it’s traditional muddy state has reminded me that I was not born a farmer. I can get as many animals as I want, put up barns, coops, feedbins, I can pull lambs from sheep and calves from cows at will, sow a field of forage beans, reap the years corn harvest and take home the top trophy at the tractor gymkhana but I’ll never be rid of my IT Technicians Feet. I know this because of my wellies – if I wear them for more than an hour I’m reduced to hobbling about like an over-ambitious coal walker. It is very painful and makes me very irritable. Okay, even more irritable than my usual uber-ornery self.

Is there a cure? Is there a solution? Do Cloudwalkers do a wellie or should I brush up on the old ‘have you tried rebooting it?’ spiel, hang up my overalls and head back into the office? I don’t know, but if anyone can come up with a fix please write it on a postcard and send it to The Wet Foot Farmer, Kingsville Farm, etc etc.


4 responses to “IT Technicians Feet

  1. Dunlops are comfortable, especially with thermal insoles. Great for fishing and farming. You can get them at the Port Hood Ceilidh Co-op. Just a thought?

  2. Arlene Mac|Donald

    does this means your boots are leaking ? or your back is done for ?
    maybe something by Dr School’s will work , cheaper at walmart
    đŸ™‚ Arlene

  3. I could knit you some welly socks- they are traditional for wearing with wellies and thick and should cushion your feet. Pink or blue?

    • Could you do pink and blue stripes so I could wear them with ambivalence? Actually yhrt ecolour will revert to clay brown in no time so any old bobbin ends will do!

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