Missing Brighton

I don’t think a spring goes by without me wishing I was in Brighton. Strangely, seeing as I’m in charge of carving out my own self-sufficient destiny – the one thing I dreamed about most while living in the fabled Brighton and Hove – this spring is no exception.

This could have something to do with it;

But there’s more. I was up early the other day (like when am I not nowadays?!), fed the animals and laid the boys breakfast out but found the milk jug empty when I went to the fridge. A quick check of the time revealed I had about twenty minutes before they surfaced. I must have still been half asleep myself though as I took a step towards the door thinking I could run out and grab some from the shop, and maybe pick up some croissants and a financier or two for Laura from the Real Patisserie at the bottom of the road…

The trouble is when we were in Brighton we had to work all hours for soul sucking corporations just to pay the mortgage.

Does anyone fancy opening a Real Patisserie in our other house?!


3 responses to “Missing Brighton

  1. Jones as I seem to be known now...

    Oh all right then, I’ll do it đŸ˜‰

  2. Auntie Barbara

    Jamie and Laura – for the first time last October, Bruce and I ended up in Brighton and we completely loved it so empathize with how you feel. I will copy Orlando weather for you:

    Isolated Thunder-storms
    93 71 Isolated Thunder-storms

    Isolated Thunder-storms
    93 70 Isolated Thunder-storms

    Isolated Thunder-storms
    90 70 Scattered Thunder-storms

    Scattered Thunder-storms
    85 67 Isolated Thunder-storms

    Isolated Thunder-storms
    86 67 Isolated Thunder-storms

    Isolated Thunder-storms
    84 66
    Look like a cold front is coming thru. I don’t know why the graph didn’t copy, but there you go.

    J&L, looks like we may have sold the farm – any interest in any excess furniture?


  3. Southcoastgirl

    Hey lovely – I’m keeping the south coast company for you. But there will be a little whole that will be forever Jamie and Laura. Missing you and the boys, but loving your blog xx

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