Upsides Downsides

Yay! So summer appears to be here and I found a pair of shorts to wear. I’ve spent days outside putting in fenceposts and moving the pigs to new pasture etc and feel we’re making albeit slow progress on the farm.
However despite slathering on liberal quantities of deet based repellent the blackflies have made rapid work of me. My arms and legs are a comedy of bites and bumps, all oozing different coloured ick and representing different life stages of intensely irritating itch. I then have the bites that get me wondering – one on my hip that they obviously got when I was bending over to pick something up, one on each side of my head, just in that crevice where the top of my ears attach, ne in the centre of my chest, just below the throat, another right on the knuckle of my big toe, one underneath my wedding band and oddly one right on the back of my head, right in the middle so the only reasonably comfortable way I can sleep is face down and very heavily self medicated.
The bastards.


3 responses to “Upsides Downsides

  1. Jay Hostetter

    Do they have any type of bats up your way?? If so build you a bathouse to slow down the bugs. đŸ™‚ you would also get some good fertilizer as well.

    Good luck.

  2. If they were bigger I’d take a baseball bat to them ;p

  3. Jay Hostetter

    From what I read the a lot of blackflies means good clean moving water. You have a stream on your property? Blackfly lay eggs in streams on leaf material and grow into larvae under water. You need some ducks!! They eat the bugs and you get some eggs / meat and insect control. yummy. đŸ™‚ the kids will like them too.

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