The IT Technicians diet….

I know, I’m meant to be here farming but the winter sucked up all our summer cash and I”ve had to hump it into town and once again pimp myself to the keyboard and the call timer.

Utilising all recources available to me my diet consists of those IT staples – black coffee and cheap noodles, augmented with the firiest pepper sauce they sell that’s not labelled as a personal protection device.

It was a cold, wet and thoroughly miserable spring and so far the summer is following the same path so I don’t think I’m missing anything. The farmers markets which we planned to attend have been sparsely populated, with vendors having to wait another few weeks before they can bring anything that won’t be labelled ‘miniature’ to the table.

On friends and neighbours farms the sheep have lambed and the cows have calved yet our grass has hardly grown… one person was astounded to note that the leaves were out on his apple trees before the blossoms this year. And yet the supermarkets are full of veg proudly labelled as ‘Grown in the USA’, who I’ve noticed have been baking in 30 degree plus temperatures for a while now.  I’ll buy it because it’s as local as we can get. Or is it?

On a trip down to YHZ to pick up Laura’s sister last week I noticed that on the other side of the Shubenacadie the farmers have already taken their first cut of hay. You’d think a supermarket called ‘Atlantic Superstore’ could at least try to source some product from the maritimes, but I guess they must have cousins in Ohio or something like that…

Anyways, I’m grumbling and grousing and it’s nearly 3am, which brings me to other staple of the IT diet – as much insomnia as I can eat.


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