The golden age of Charlie-pig and Elizabeth-pig.

Our pigs are now big. There’s no way I can lift them onto some scales. I considered tempting them onto a set of judo scales with some food but then found a much better way to guestimate their size. Two better ways in fact, using either of the following formulae;

10.1709 x Heart girth (inches) – 205.7492


Heart girth x Heart girth x Length / 400

I managed to get some balng twine around them when they came up for a hello snuffle and found the Heart girth to be 40″ and the length to be about 40″ too, although this was trickier because they were wise to my antics by this stage.

This means that by the first formula they weight 200lbs and by the second they weight 160lbs. Interestingly I’ve just measured the other one and she’s come in between 125lbs and 175lbs, depending on which formula you trust. The first formula is proven by some university study to be 95% accurate over 200 trial pigs but I’ve seen the other one much more often so I’ll just take an average.

Butchering weight for the best pork is 220lbs and for bacon, which is a little fattier, 240lbs. The piggies put on about 1.5lbs of weight a day, or so I’m told, so taking an average of 150lbs and 180lb I think we’ll have them for another month.

I’d better start building the gallows…

(This photo is from about 6 weeks ago and they are bigger yet, but our camera took a knock so it's the latest we have. I kinda like it anyway.)


One response to “The golden age of Charlie-pig and Elizabeth-pig.

  1. Will the bacon and sausages and chops and brawn and belly pork and pigs ears be ready for consumption when I come over in July??

    Can’t wait to taste them- they look lovely !


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