Halifax to Heathrow Air Canada Flight in Emergency Diversion

No animals were harmed in the production of this blogAn Air Canada flight from Halifax to Heathrow was ordered back to Halifax shortly after take-off today due to ‘an unspecified emergency’ that involved Canadian Customs officials, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and airport staff.

It is rumoured that an international traveller lost their passport en route from Wales in the UK to Cape Breton today. The traveller, who wishes to remain anonymous, raised the alarm at the Canadian Customs desk in Halifax Stanfield International Airport, causing an hours delay in the customs queue and necessitating the recall of flight 0783 to London Heathrow and instigating a search of the entire plane by a host of officials and airport staff.

‘It was pandemonium’, claimed one of the customs officials involved in the search. ‘In all my years of working here I have never seen anything like this. I mean, anyone can lose a passport but most people have some form of backup ID, a drivers license or a photocopy of the passport…. we’d even have taken a video store card but no, this <gender hidden to protect anonymoity> didn’t have anything.’

An army of customs officials aided by the Mounties, airport staff, setwardesses and even the pilot of the plane himself were then involved in a search for the missing passport.

‘Luckily it was in a bright pink holder or I’d never have seen it,’ claimed the person who located the missing passport. The airport later issued a statement apologising to fellow travellers and stating, ‘We are happy to report that an International Incident has been averted.’


3 responses to “Halifax to Heathrow Air Canada Flight in Emergency Diversion

  1. NO WAY… That was so not JH was it? lolol tell me tell me

  2. For the love of God was that Mum?

  3. I couldn’t possibly say, but is there any chance that you could you glue her passport to her forehead before she leaves, just in case :p

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