Whycocomagh 2 – revenge of the ornery goats

Not really, I’ve just always wanted to append that to every title ever.

Anyhow, second Whycocomagh Farmers Market today (Friday 3pm-7pm at the Bayside cafe/nursery) and even though I’ve been baking for the last two days it was worth it just for the chats with customers and other vendors.

The welshcakes are going down a storm as usual but we also had quite a few people say ‘I just can’t find a bread that I really like’ before the pop a sample into their mouths and buy a weeks worth. I particularly like the little noise of appreciation that escapes when their eyebrows rise and the edges of their mouths curl into grins.

You see because of it’s vast expanse the bread industry in North America is subject even more to the bland foamy pap that millions of people drop into their toaster then smother in things to lend flavour. The european baking that I employ (Thank you France, Thank you Italy) uses just four ingredients – flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt – that re-awakens… something. I don’t know what. But you have to really eat my bread, you have to work at it. It has Texture.

You add something as simple as poppy seeds and your mouth is overcome with a nuttiness that needs no spread. Sesame seeds invoke Moroccan vistas and my brown bread is like a hundred fun loving brazilians doing the samba in your digestive tract.

I’ve recently added 100% wholewheats to our ‘menu’ which, due to the quantity of bran in them, require a few more ingredients than I’m completely au fait with but damn, what a loaf. I’ve stepped away from the plain ole 100% and moved towards one with oats and flax in it – the recipe that I improvised from calls it ‘Broom Bread’ because it totally cleans you out but I did it as a high energy breakfast supplement for some cyclists who were doing 100km of Cape Breton a day and, as soon as our regular customers found out -BANG- top of the hit parade. It takes 48 hours to prepare it but it is totally worth it.

So for the last few days it’s been 34 degrees celsius in our kitchen at 8 in the morning. Oh, and the bankman said ‘Great, we love your idea and really are quite fond of you but to get a loan you have to go work in an office then once you’re hooked up to the machine we’ll give you as much money as you like’. Kind of counter productive and I think once anyone has realised that You Can Make It For Yourself, it’s hard to go back, slave away for the minimum wage, obeying all the ‘this is when you’ll eat, sleep, breath and shit’ laws that people feel they must foist upon their Fellow Man while you work your ass off to ensure they have another Lovely Shrubbery to put in their front garden to make them look better than their neighbours.

So, no loans for us. That leaves us three options – grants, community supported business or the long road. Or, much more likely a mix of all three. We’re not big business, we don’t want to take over the world, we’re not Alan Sugar or Donald Trump. We just want to bring the best flavours with the lowest environmental impact to our friends and neighbours… and maybe get a little drunk sometimes and listen to music loudly, but we generally keep that to ourselves nowadays đŸ™‚


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