What do you do when your neighbour has a prize vegetable garden and your wife consistently forgets to turn the electric fence back on that, incidentally is your only method of containing your two 200lb sows?

We returned from an afternoon at the beach to find my neighbour and his son-in-law standing in the road with pitchforks. I’m still not sure if they were for the pigs or for me but as he had been fending the pigs off for a good three hours I suspect it was for the latter and but for the fact we had two sleeping boys in the car we were saved.

So after guiding them back in with some grain, turning the fence back on and repeating the process three times until they got a big enough shock to remind them why they stayed on that side of the barrier I’m now sitting here with a bottle of wheatbeer wondering if it’s raindrops or mosquitos landing on me and, when I realise that it’s mosquitos kinda wishing it was rain.

Phoned my friend who’s just taken their two sisters to slaughter and found he only got 100lbs of meat from the 200lb animals… a dire conversion rate which led to his suggestion to keep them until the fall when they are 400lbs so we can get at least 200lbs of meat from each.

I don’t know if we’ll have that luxury.


One response to “Pigwatch

  1. Yes if you keep them until Fall, you can sweeten them up with apples !!!!

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