Baking for the enemy

The blog has been devoid of postings for the last eight weeks or so, not because we haven’t been doing anything but rather because we’ve been doing loads.

Events that stick out are moving our pigs to a new plot on the pasture, this time to the ‘corral area’ next to the road, in preparation for their eventual departure from the farm and from this earthly existence. They’ve done an excellent job but despite being rather attached to the sociable little buggers I do just see them as sausages now. Lots and lots of sausages.

We also sent our first batch of chickens off to their final destination, or rather the final destination that they were aware of. A farmer in Port Hood despatched, plucked, gutted and bagged them and within a few hours the air in Kingsville was filled with the aroma of roasting chicken as our neighbours all came and collected theirs. It was pretty unanimous that they were the tastiest, tenderest cluckers any of us had ever eaten.

Two of our friends, Harvey and Sandy, got our hay in over one long, sunny weekend. I managed to get 190 bales under tarp before a light mist of rain fell and had just cracked a celebratory beer with them when my pager went off for a brush fire on the highway. The next day I rented a U-haul, dropped 100 bales off to a friend up on the mountain and used that money to buy 3 cords of seasoned wood from another friend who was moving house.

I also cleared out the basement and moved the furnace around 90 degrees, shortening the flue pipe and hopefully eliminating many chimney fires this winter. We painted parts of the house and collected a beech kitchen to put in one of them, we’re just not sure which one yet.

All of this while baking bread and rolls on the backshift (10pm-6am) for Sobeys then baking another 48 hours for the markets and our regular customers. The markets have been going really well. We have regular customers that make a beeline for us and a new flour supplier means we can now make delicacies like rye, caraway and raisin bread, cinnamon and raisin brioche swirls and bavarian soft pretzels with our new Organic flour.  The markets are fulfilling their secondary job of advertising us and bringing more customers to the farm too. We’ve had some orders for events and some interest from restaurants as well. This has given us the confidence to buy the necessary kit to put an inspected kitchen into this Big House, which we plan to do at some point over the winter.

Laura had her scan the other day. My exclamation of ‘Holy shit – you’re pregnant!’ went down well considering Laura hasn’t seen her toes in months. The baby is healthy and at 2.7lbs bigger than expected for this stage, which made us both wince. They’ve also brought the due date forward to December 25th.

We’re 11 months into our first year in Canada and things don’t appear to be slowing down. To read a newsletter and the official synapses of our first year here see our post on our Kingsville Farm page.


One response to “Baking for the enemy

  1. holy mackerel, b’y, you’ve been busy! yes, I found your blog, thanks for pointing it out – am reading from the beginning in small spurts – but cheated and read this new one just to stay caught up.

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