Kitchenaid, retired

Yes, the day has come. Or rather my new kitchen has come. Or most of it. Well, most of the things to go in it. I’ve managed to fill two rooms in the Big House with a variety of stainless steel utilities such as sinks, shelves, wrappers and racks. I have deployed (employed?) a proofer, mixer and a couple of tables in the Little House, and there is a large industrial oven… underneath a tarpaulin outside of the Big House. Yes, the ovens narrowest width is 31″ and all of our doors bar one are 29″. That ‘other’ door is exactly 31″ wide. If I remove some paint and plane off a couple of mil from the frame I should get it in. Well, into the hall at leat as the rest of the doors inside the house are 29″ wide. Nevermind, I have to remove a wall or two at some point so we’ll get it into the kitchen eventually.

Which means we have a nearly complete commercial kitchen. I still need;

  • a dough scale
  • a floor scale
  • a double fridge
  • some heavy shelving
  • some light shelving
  • and eventually a cash register, hob and some extractor hoods, but that can wait a year or so.

Oh, and I need to rewire, replumb and de- then re-wall the house. After Ive fixed the leaky roof, and put some heating in.

So, nearly there then eh?


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