So full of pig…

… both my family and my freezer. It wasn’t an easy task though. Since we took charge of our little porcine friends back in April we’ve moved them three times, they’ve moved themselves via Escaping four times and I’ve lost count of how many times they destroyed their house. We’ve had five and a half aborted missions of getting rid of them as well, which resulted in them hanging around the farm, albeit in a very charming manner most of the time, for an extra ten weeks but putting on an extra hundred and sixty pounds! Which all translates to lots of meat, dressing out to 270lbs of pork. And yes, that’s just one pig as the other is still trotting merrily around its piggy paddock. Well, trotting as much as anyone can in a foot of mud, the depth of which I discovered when Norman, Doug and I were running around the field, in the rain, last Wednesday night. Yes, that explains the ‘half’ part of the five and a half attempts – we managed to get Frankie pig off on Monday, but Linda pig discovered a previously undocumented fear of trailers and/or small dairy cows. She had marched merrily into the back of the trailer, prompting me to think ‘ha, this is going to be easy’. There she was muching away on a pile of corn while I coaxed Frankie pig into their conveyance when said baby dairy cow, no taller than a pig and supermodel like thin stood up to see what was going on. I knew pigs could move fast but she practically flew out of that trailer leaving a trail of brown behind her, and that was it – never to go into a trailer again.

So Norman’s coming around tomorrow with his .22 and a tractor with a front loader. We’ll dispatch her on the farm then trundle her down to his place where we can hang her, butcher her and turn her into lovel sausages.

Meanwhile her sister is alreay in our bellies, in Dougs fridge and literally filling the chest freezer downstairs. I have a couple of flitches of bacon ready to be cured, both streaky and proper british loin bacon, and a lovely anticipation of pork roast on Sunday. Mmmm-mm!

I’ll blog about the bacon and the sausages another day but with one pig down ad one to go the general consensus is ‘a pain in the butt at times but oh so worth it’!


One response to “So full of pig…

  1. Don’t you eat all that lovely pork before I get there on Saturday!
    Mum/Linda (AKA Linda Pig…)

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