Makin’ Bacon, part 3

Okay so I didn’t mean to do a part three but there was always going to be one – the tasting.

For starters let me clarify that we didn’t want to eat this today – the plan was to smoke it for a steady three days to get a feel for that particular black art, but our daughter Rose was born this morning and we needed a celebration meal when we got back home.

My initial observations are that despite only being smoked for about 18 hours there was LOADS of smokey flavour, probably just about bang on for my tastes, but there was a little too much salt for everyday eating. The bacon was real bacony… I mean real PROPER bacony, which was ace, but I think I’ll soak the remaining flitches in water for three hours prior to drying and smoking them just to try and keep my blood pressure about the simmering level.

To sum up an experience that was not unsuccessful, in that I will learn from it and become a better purveyor of porky goodness hence in rounding a success. Add punctuation to make that make sense. At the end of the day I ate bacon we made ourselves, along with my own bread fried in the bacon juice, our own sausages and eggs from our free range chickens. I may have a heart attack in forty-five minutes time but damn, I’ll die happy.

2 responses to “Makin’ Bacon, part 3

  1. Sounds like a cool experience and goody hear all is well with baby number 3. I hope you don’t have too much work to do this winter and you can spend plenty of time indoors with your new addition to the family. If only I was close by I’d pop in for a good fry up.

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