Meet Dewy…

…the latest addition to Kingsville Farm.

She’s a registered Berkshire sow, and yes, she is a little thin for a pig. I bought her off a friend who had three Berkshires who all got ill. Her sister sow died right away, this one pulled through but lost a lot of weight and the boar got ill the week before I made it over to pick them up.

She is a little thin, trim I’d say, but she’s putting on weight and seems pretty happy here with her new condo and prime stream-side real estate.

We were hoping she was in-pig but the pregnancy indicator that every sow has is pointing down instead of up which means she’s open, or not pregnant. I’ll be keeping a mood diary for her for the next few weeks to figure out when she’s in heat, then I’ll take her down the road to a cuddle up to a friends boar and hopefully get some piglets for the fall.

I’m also looking out for a couple of porcine playmates for her, preferably tamworths if you happen to have one or two knocking about spare.


One response to “Meet Dewy…

  1. Auntie Barbara

    I just love her in-style new beige boots – sort of match the tip of her nose which was great color co-ordination. Sorry, no tamworths – our truck driver only brought 3 tiny puppies back to the greenhouse today who he found running around their Mom who apparently had just been a victim of hit and run. They all went home with various workers. End of happy puppy story

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