Have you ever dropped an industrial mixer on your nuts?

I have, and I don’t recommend it. In fact, I would steer well clear of dropping anything with ‘industrial’ in the title onto any part of your reproductive organs. Initially it hurts, but once the sickness passes, you realise nobody is coming to your aid and you still need to get this mixer off your driveway and into your bakery you just tend to get up and carry on. It’s not until eleven hours later when you’ve finished putting your professional kitchen in and try to stand up after reading your kids a bedtime story that you find that you can’t stand up. You laugh and turn it into a game so as to not scare your children too much then wait two hours for your wife to get home o help you into bed. And as this wave of blogs testifies that is where you will probably stay, for a few days at least.

And if you were wondering yes, this is cast iron and yes it does weigh a tonne. It’s so heavy that it bent the axle on my fridge trolley. My right testicle copped the lot.


3 responses to “Have you ever dropped an industrial mixer on your nuts?

  1. I’ll try to remember. Wishing you a speedy, and full, recovery.

  2. It’s a good job you already have 3 little ones Jamie!! I know it is inappropriate to chuckle at others misfortunate but………………… xxxxx

  3. It is times like this that I appreciate being a woman even more than usual!! Hope you and your nuts are feeling better 🙂

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