How to make an automatic chicken feeder

Well, I may be stretching the word automatic here but I noticed that one set of chicks with free access to feed had a better weight gain than another set whose trough I filled once or twice a day. I know, it makes sense but I like to see the proof before I truly believe. Anyway, I remembered something I read somewhere once but haven’t been able to find again then set about cobbling it together from memory.

What you’ll need is,

  • a 5-gallon bucket, with lid
  • some bits of wood, plus screws to attach
  • a toilet plunger

And that’s it.

Drill a hole in the bottom of your bucket. I did one slightly larger than the plunger handle then had to expand it lots, until it’s about two or three time the handles diameter (but obviously smaller than the rubbery bit). Oh, and ignore the two red water nipples poking out of the bottom of this bucket, they are from last years feeble attempt to make a chicken waterer, but I found the nipples clogged and the chickens got thirsty.

Anyways, next attach the legs to the sides of the bucket, by screwing them from the inside out.

Next time I will also make the legs longer then sharpen them  into points so I can spike it into the ground.

Okay, insert plunger, fill with feed and release the chickens.

You’ll have to train them to it by shaking the plunger. Food will fall out, chickens will dive in, knocking the plunger and causing more food to fall out.

First there will be one…

…then there will be many!


One response to “How to make an automatic chicken feeder

  1. Oh, I like this very much! At first I envisioned the plunger end on the ground, which didn’t make any sense at all! Once I had my brain in gear it all came together perfectly. Nice one!

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