We’re finally in our new kitchen!

No more struggling along, hauling flour from one side of the kitchen to the other, scaling dough on four square feet of stainless and baking a mere eight loaves at a time. Now we’re rocking with acres of stainless steel, a triple sink that the mixing bowl actually fits into, storage for flour and ingredients where you need them and a Duke 101e convection oven that bakes 24 loaves at a time, and maybe 32 if I can get another shelf for it! Being a professional oven it also takes the full size sheets so a world of possibilities opens up to us and it means that we can bake to scale for the Mabou, Sydney, Antigonish, Whycocomagh and Port Hawkesbury farmers markets. And once it’s inspected it opens the door to retail sales as well as supplying restaurants with our tasty breads and sweets.

And it doesn’t stop there – an inspected kitchen is an inspected kitchen so we’ll be able to value-add to our farm produce by turning our fruit and veg into sauces, purees and snacks, our pigs into bacon, ham and sausages, and our chicken and beef into pies and burgers, all furthering our vision of providing our local community the best quality food with lowest environmental footprint.

2 responses to “We’re finally in our new kitchen!

  1. Auntie Barbara

    Absolutely fabulous, dahhhhlings

  2. I love the pics! Someday I’d love to come visit your place.

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