I used to be annoyed when my favourite blogs would stop posting just when I needed them the most, just when the wind, rain and snow abated enough for you to step out and feebly prod the soil with a trowel, a rake or a backhoe, deluding yourself that this year you’ll get a jump on the weeds and maybe get enough of a garden in to supply your family more than the single meal you managed to harvest last year.

And now I’m guilty of the same thing. How the heck it got to become August September already I don’t know. And all I can offer is a paltry precis, but it’s better than nothing and who knows, it might just provide the impetus to write all those full length blogs that I’ve been storing up.

Um, the really busy time started about the beginning of May, when umpteen million Farmers Markets starte, and we decided to do all of them. Well, four in total, which obviously wasn’t enough so we jumped on the bandwagon and helped start a fifth one in Port Hawkesbury. Honestly, I seem to be forever baking… I think I have one day off a week, in which I do my farming stuff.

So what’s new?

Our daughter Rose continues to grow, and is a smiley happy beacon in everybodies lives.

Charlie has started school, and he loves it. We learn more and more about him as a person every day.

Evan is blossoming into a proper comedian, and loving being a big three year old.

We have sheep. Five ewes, a ram and two midget lambs, which we might use as toothpicks.

We’ve hatched a load of chicks this summer, sold some, culled some but we generally have a vibrant and interesting looking flock of porch pooers.

I got the home two-acres fenced in, partly with standard pagewire and partly with Gallaghers new Electra-lock fencing.

Our boar proved his pistola works even if we didn’t catch it on camera – we have a fall litter of 13 piglets.

Our baking on the farm goes from strength to strength, partly fueled by the farmers markets, partly by commercial orders and special events like Right Some Good and the Incredible Picnic.

Our hugel garden is a success, at least the part that we broadcast seeded as a polyculture as opposed to transplanting two or three varieties into.

Our trailer tenant scarpered in the night, leaving more than just a bad smell and heaping several tonnes of bad karma upon himself.

We were granted some cash under the Homegrown success program, now we just need to borrow some bridging funds, implement the changes and claim back 25-65% from the department of agriculture.

Our fiddler friend moved to Glendale, got married and they’ve had their first baby.

We’ve made many new friends at different markets and enjoyed many, many fine meals to boot.

And finally deep, dark and mysterious plans are afoot which I must keep schtum about for another week or two…

2 responses to “Ketchup.

  1. Thanks so much for this Jamie, it makes me feel a part of the family. Love to you all.

  2. Go Jamie and Laura! Woot!

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