We are a family of four who emigrated from sunny Wales to our 102-acre farm in Canada where we hope to have a lot more chickens, as well as some wwoofers, goats, pigs, sheep and various other varmints to keep the wolves, bears, coyotes and eagles company (although hopefully not too close company!)

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  1. I don’t know how I happened upon your blog. I have an interest in eastern area of Canada and also studying permiculture. I live in Atlanta Ga and have an interest in homesteading and moving out of this area. I am curious how you imigrated to Canada was there some sort of family connection to the area and was this transition ie. paperwork a long process or extremely difficult? Also just want to say the best of luck to you. It looks like a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.

    • Hi Jay, thanks for your comments. I was born and grew up in Canada so my two boys are Canadian and my wife, being British, can stay here for 6 months. We are applying for citizenship for her though.
      We knew there would be some teething problems when we moved here – it has been abandoned for a while – but we expect the hard work to really begin next spring. We’re currently drawing up a business plan that is based around restoring the pastures but are also keeping our eyes open for a way to turn them into a forest garden, with edge sapce in between the rows/berms of trees to graze our chicken and pig tractors through, so your permaculture experience could be of real use to us! We’ll be opening ourselves up to wwoofers once the big house is ready to accomodate them so please do keep in touch… you could even use us as a base to find your own haven here in Nova Scotia if you choose to settle here.

    • Just wanted to check in. It looks like you made it thru the winter. congrats. It looked interesting, to say the least. I was wondering if you are ready for visitors. I am trying to convince my wife to go to Nova Scotia for our 10 year anniversary. I need to take her to see whales. (and I want to check out other places to live) She wants to go to Washington State and I want to go to Nova Scotia. I have dollars America dollars (whatever thats worth) 🙂 Hope you are well

  2. Hello,
    Laura left a comment on the Knit Fit knit-a-thon site ages and ages ago and I didn’t respond. Like the terrible blogger that I am. It looks from photos and posts that you are all settled in to life in sunny Inverness and I just wanted to send a note to say welcome! The knit-a-thon is coming up next Saturday and they are hosting one in Baddeck – a little closer to your neck of the woods – as well as in Sydney.
    Welcome to Canada’s most beautiful coast!

  3. Loved reading your journey so far. I too am telecommuting whilst trying to fix up an abandoned farm not too far from you.

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